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This online shop serves as the electronic presence of the company registered as "GIOGKATZIS KONSTANTINOS & SIA O.E.", trading under the name of "TETRAS COMMUNITY​" (TIN: 998460351, 1st Tax Office of Thessaloniki), which shall hereinafter be referred to as the "Company". The company's head office is located in Thessaloniki at the 9th kilometre point on the Thessaloniki-Langadas road.

The Online Shop has been created by the Company and operates for the sole purpose of promoting its products (hereinafter "Products") via the internet, providing customers with the opportunity to place orders and purchase Products from a distance, and allowing for two-way communication between the Company and its Customers and Users on issues related to its activities and products, as well as for their information.

The use of the Online Shop alone shall lead to the assumption that the Customer or User has read, understood and has fully and unreservedly accepted the present Terms and Conditions of Use; that s/he is bound by them in their entirety and undertakes the obligation to observe them. In the event that a Customer or User disagrees with one or more terms and conditions, s/he must refrain from any use of the Online Shop and from carrying out any transactions through it. The present terms and conditions are fully in line with applicable European and Greek legislation, while the Customer or User acknowledges the Company's right to change the provisions of the present terms and conditions, insofar as they do not concern legally binding obligations of the company or affect any definite situations.

We consider it our obligation to ensure that the customer is always informed and secure. We therefore wish to inform our Online Shop customers of the following issues:


The Customer may only purchase Products via the Online Shop if s/he is a registered member. Registration takes place once during the first purchase of a Product. It is mandatory for the Customer to enter his/her full name, product shipping address, e-mail address and contact number.

The Customer's above personal data are covered by the Company's personal data protection policy.

The Company will never ask a Customer to provide—either via the internet or by e-mail, at the time of membership registration or later—any information related to his/her credit cards, bank accounts or generally any other bank data, except in the case of withdrawal under Article 8 herein for the refunding of money, as set out in Article 9 hereof.

The Customer is obligated to notify the Online Shop of any changes to his/her above particulars.

The Customer can also sign up for the Company's Newsletter, so that s/he may receive emails on the Company's activities and Products. The Customer may, at any time following his/her subscription to the Newsletter, request that the Company stop sending the relevant emails from the Online Shop by selecting the relevant link in any newsletter s/he may receive.


The characteristics and any other information on the items for sale are available and accessible to the Customer by following the search instructions provided on our website and by clicking on the name of the corresponding product.


The placement of an order via the online shop constitutes the conclusion of a distance sales contract, which is regulated by the legislative framework of Law 2251/1994, as amended and supplemented by Joint Ministerial Decision Ζ1-891/13.8.2013.

A Customer may conclude a valid order via the Online Shop if s/he has full legal capacity in compliance with the provisions of the Greek Civil Code (s/he must be at least eighteen years of age and must not be under judicial interdiction in terms of the conclusion of sales agreements). Orders may be placed by representatives of legal entities, while the Company reserves the right to claim any orders placed by legally incompetent persons from their guardians or conservators.


1. The Customer selects the Product s/he wishes to purchase from the Online Shop and adds it to his/her shopping cart. The description of each Product, as well as the available colours and sizes, are stated next to the product, as is its price, which is inclusive of the statutory VAT rate (24%). Once the Customer has selected all the products s/he wishes to purchase, the Online Shop informs him/her of the total value of the products, their shipping costs, if any, as well as the cost of cash on delivery, if s/he has selected this method of payment. The Customer then selects the desired method of payment for the Products.

2. In the event that the product has been sold out or is unavailable in the colour or size the Customer wants, the Online Shop provides the Customer with an automated notice prior to the completion of the purchase.

3. Before paying for his/her order, the Customer is obligated to confirm his/her order in a relevant message to the Online Shop. After said confirmation, the order is considered binding on the Customer and on the Company. Should the Customer fail to confirm the order or make the payment, the order will be cancelled automatically. Following confirmation of the order, the Customer will receive a copy of the order online, which s/he can save.

4. The Customer can be notified by the Online Shop about the progress of his/her purchase through his/her personal account, which is automatically updated upon completion of every step of the order process. The Customer can also contact the Company with regard to any issue related to his/her purchases by telephone at (+30) 2310699869 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The Company will contact the Customer at the email address provided by him/her, and/or at his/her telephone number, if provided when making the purchase. The Customer is obligated to notify the Online Shop in the event of a change in email address and/or telephone number, if provided.

5. The Company is entitled to change Product prices without previously notifying Customers. In any event, the price stated next to the Product at the time the order is placed will apply.

6. In the case that the Company’s products are sold at lower prices than the regular prices (discounts), these prices will apply while stocks last.


1. Customers selecting the shipment of Products to any point within Greece can choose to pay for the Products either by credit, debit or prepaid (PayPal) card, or by cash on delivery.

In specific:

a) Payment with the use of a credit or a prepaid card.(American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Diners Club).Pay with masterpass (wallet)

The card is charged on the day on which the product shipment process begins. The Company has taken all necessary measures to ensure the safety of credit card transactions, as stated in detail below under Article 13 hereof, and all credit card holders are subject to validity checks.

b) Cash on delivery: The Customer pays the value of the Products and cost of cash on delivery at the shipment address provided when placing the order. Payment is made to the representative of the Company who will be delivering the Products.

2. Customers selecting the shipment of Products to any point outside of Greece can choose to pay for the Products only by credit, debit or prepaid (PayPal) card, in accordance with the above. Customers outside the European Union are subject to any financial charges resulting from foreign exchange differences, customs clearance, etc. for which the Company bears no liability.

3. Before the Customer is bound by the agreement, the Company aims to obtain the express consent of the Customer for any extra payment in addition to the fee agreed for the Product. In the event of a breach on the part of the Company, the Customer shall be entitled to a refund for this payment.


For the shipment of Products and collection of cash on delivery, provided the Customer has selected this as the payment method for his/her order, the Company collaborates with GENIKI TACHYDROMIKI courier company (contact number: (+30) 2310 699868). Deliveries are made every day, except weekends and holidays, from 09:00 to 19:00.

2. The above courier company’s price list for shipments abroad is posted on the Company’s website.

3. The time of delivery of Products depends on the place of delivery selected by the Customer. The Company will make every possible effort to deliver the Products as soon as possible. In any event, the delivery time will not exceed 30 calendar days from the conclusion of the sales agreement.

Product deliveries in Thessaloniki Prefecture and the rest of Greece are free of charge via GENIKI TACHYDROMIKI, within 2-3 business days.

4. Should the Company fail to meet its obligation to deliver the Products within the deadline under paragraph 3, the Customer must request that the delivery be made within an additional deadline based on the circumstances. Should the Company fail to deliver the products within this additional deadline, the Customer will be entitled to terminate the agreement. In such case, the Company must refund the entire amount, in accordance with the provisions of Article 9.


The Customer is entitled to request the replacement of a Product within five (5) business days as follows:

a) In the case that the Company sends a Product that is defective or was destroyed during shipment, or if it is not what the Customer ordered, the latter is entitled to return it to the Company so that it can be replaced, without the Customer incurring any charges for the return and reshipment.

b) Should the Customer discover—following receipt of the Product—that the size s/he has selected is not right, s/he will be entitled to return the product to the Company and the Company will resend the product in the right size. In this case, the return and reshipment costs for the product will be incurred by the Customer.

Requests for replacement can be made online by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by telephone at (+30) 2310699869.


1. The Customer is entitled to withdraw from the purchase of the Product within ten (10) calendar days from the date on which the Customer, or a third party other than the carrier who has been designated by the Customer, takes physical possession of the goods. The Company shall refund the entire amount received from the Customer, excluding the delivery costs, without any undue delay and without fail within 14 calendar days from the date on which the Company is notified of the decision to withdraw, on condition that the product will be returned.

2. Withdrawal from the purchase of a product is only possible if the product is returned in the same condition as it was received by the Customer, i.e. without its packaging having been opened and without any of the special labels on the product having been removed.

3. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the Customer must notify the Company of the withdrawal.


1. Monetary refunds to Customers in the event of withdrawal will be made based on the selected method of payment for the Product, unless s/he has expressly agreed to something different. In any case, no expenses will be charged on such refunds. If the Customer has paid cash on delivery, then s/he must state the bank account in which s/he would like the money to be deposited in the withdrawal form.

2. Should the reason for the return be due to a mistake by the Company, the latter undertakes the obligation to resend the courier company to collect the order at its own expense. Should the Customer wish to return his/her order without there being any fault on the part of the Company, then the shipping expenses will be incurred by the Customer.

3. Once the product leaves the Customer, it reaches the Company in 1-2 business days in cases of returns within Greece, or within 3-5 business days in cases of returns from countries outside Greece via GENIKI TACHYDROMIKI. Should other courier companies by selected, the Company cannot guarantee the time of receipt of the Products. Once the Company receives the Product, it processes the request and notifies the Customer by email of the manner in which it will be executed. Wanting to offer the best possible service, the Company grants Customers the right to submit any complaints online by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Products must be returned to the following address:


9th kilometre mark on the Thessaloniki-Langadas Road

GR-56403, P.O. Box 51513, THESSALONIKI


1. The Company shall not be held liable for any delays or failures to execute this agreement in events of force majeure such as, by way of example, public transport strikes, etc. In any such case, the Company shall be entitled to extend the fulfilment of its obligations arising herefrom.

2. The risk of loss or damage of the Products is borne by the Company until such time as the Customer or a third party designated by the Customer (other than the carrier), takes physical possession of the Products. The risk is transferred to the Customer if the Products are handed over to the carrier to be transferred at the instruction of the Customer, this option not having been offered by the Company.

3. The Company has taken all the necessary measures, as required by the principles of normal practice, to ensure a high level of security and protection solely and exclusively for the Online Shop and its systems, and it also undertakes the obligation to upgrade its protection systems and install antivirus programs. Given the nature of the Internet, the Company does not guarantee the non-existence of viruses and shall not bear any liability for any damages caused to the equipment, software, files or other property of the User or Customer by any virus.

4. The Company, its partners, its managers, its employees and any associates it may have shall not bear liability for any damages suffered by the User, Customer or any third party due to the illegal and illicit use of the Online Shop by the User or Customer, in violation of the provisions of the present Terms and Conditions or of current legislation.


1. Users and Customers use the Online Shop on their own responsibility, in accordance with the present Terms and Conditions of Use and any instructions issued by the Company, which are posted on the website solely and exclusively for the purposes set out in the Preamble to this document. Any other use of the Online Shop is prohibited. Users and Customers are especially forbidden to use the Online Shop for the following purposes:

a) The collection, processing or storage of Customers' personal data;

b) E-mailing, publishing or generally transmitting, in any way, illegal material that violates the rights of third parties.

2. When paying for products, the Customer is obligated to solely and exclusively use a card issued in his/her name. Otherwise the Company shall bear no liability whatsoever.

3. Users and Customers are obligated to ensure that they have installed on their computers the latest updated versions of programs, operating systems and related data and computer protection programs (antivirus programs, antispyware, firewalls, etc.).

4. Users and Customers are liable for any damages caused to the Company by acts or omissions on their part, and by any illegal, non-contractual and/or illicit acts committed by them during the use of the Online Shop.


1. The use of the Online Shop and its Content by Users and Customers does not grant them any rights whatsoever on Product designs, projects, elements and materials incorporating intellectual and industrial property rights held by the Company or any third parties, which are accessible through the website.

2. Any use of the Online Shop or its Content by Users, Customers or third parties for the purposes of material gain is prohibited, such as by way of example: a) broadcasting, publication, adaptation, circulation, presentation to the public, deletion, printing, copying and storage (download) of Content, and b) the reproduction of the Online Shop for commercial purposes.

3. It is also prohibited to copy or infringe the Online Shop or its Content in any way, partially or otherwise, in any form and by any means. It is especially prohibited for Users to:

a) Extract or reuse the entire or a material part of the Website's database. Users of data may not carry out any acts that are contrary to the regular use of this database or unjustifiably affect the legal interests of its beneficiary and cause damage to the holders of the corresponding intellectual property rights or other related rights.

b) Perform any act aiming at reverse engineering or regenerating the source code of the Website's software, or at gaining unauthorised access to any software, system, individual computer or computer network and/or file of the Company, or at hacking the Website and systems in general in any way.

c) Eliminate any technological measures taken to prevent acts prohibited by the Company, when such elimination is carried out knowingly by the User or when there are justified reasons indicating that s/he is aware of the results of his/her actions.

d) Infringe or copy the trademark, company name and other distinctive features of the Company or of third parties, which are published on the Website, as well as the Company's Product designs. The appearance of a distinctive feature on the Website cannot be perceived as a transfer or assignment to the User of the licence or right to use the relevant distinctive feature.

e) Remove or amend the Terms and Conditions of Use, or any other text in electronic format, which is posted on the Website, especially in regard to protection, use or the holder of industrial or intellectual property rights, whether the User presents to the public part or all of the Website or not.

4. In any event of violation or imminent violation of industrial or intellectual property rights or any other related rights of the Company and third parties, including the sui generis right of the database developer, the aforementioned persons may, as the case may be, claim the imposing of civil, administrative and criminal penalties on the person having violated or intending to violate the above rights, in accordance with the provisions of the law.


The website uses an SSL certificate to ensure secure online commercial transactions. In this way, all credit card information is encrypted so that it cannot be read or changed during its transmission via the Internet.


For the purposes of carrying out any transaction via the Company's Online Shop and placing product orders, Customers will be asked to disclose certain personal data. They will be requested to provide their full name, shipping address for the products, telephone number, e-mail address and, in cases of payments via credit card, the number and expiry date of the credit card, as well as the three-digit security code.

The Company processes these data in accordance with Article 7A(1)(b) of Law 2472/1997, for the purpose of implementing the order placed by the Customer, and under no circumstances will these data be revealed, published or sold to third parties, unless the proceedings involving the waiver of confidentiality under Law 2225/1194 are initiated or the Company is obligated to do so in the framework of national implementation of Directive 2006/24/EC.

Such personal data are disclosed to the competent bank (e.g. credit card number) and are DELETED from the Company's database immediately once the order has been completed, thus ensuring an even higher level of security.


In particular, the publication of photographs of the Online Shop in other media, whether electronic or printed, is permitted on condition that they will not be used for material gain, nor will they be distorted or infringed, and will always state the source of origin (www.......


1. The Company may occasionally post links on its Website leading to third-party websites, and especially social media. The Company bears no liability for the content of these websites, as it does not have any control over them, nor does it have any relationship with their owners. The Company does not provide any guarantees to its users as to the quality or accuracy of the information contained therein.

2. Access to the Online Shop through links posted on third-party websites is prohibited without the prior written consent of the Company.


1. The Company is entitled to amend the Terms and Conditions of use in the framework of current legislation, and to post the amended text on the Website. Any use of the Website by Users and Customers subsequent to the amendments shall be taken to mean acceptance of these amendments.

2. The Company is entitled to amend the Content of the Online Shop, to add or remove Products, information and data, and to temporarily or permanently cease its operation whenever it deems it necessary or advisable.


The present Terms and Conditions of Use are subject to Greek law. Any disputes arising from these terms and conditions come under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Thessaloniki. Users or Customers using the Online Shop from a third country are obligated to also abide by the laws of the respective country.

Όλες οι πληρωμές που πραγματοποιούνται με χρήση κάρτας διεκπεραιώνονται μέσω της πλατφόρμας ηλεκτρονικών πληρωμών "Alpha e-Commerce" της Alpha Bank και χρησιμοποιεί κρυπτογράφηση TLS 1.1 με πρωτόκολλο κρυπτογράφησης 128-bit (Secure Sockets Layer - SSL). Η κρυπτογράφηση είναι ένας τρόπος κωδικοποίησης της πληροφορίας μέχρι αυτή να φτάσει στον ορισμένο αποδέκτη της, ο οποίος θα μπορέσει να την αποκωδικοποιήσει με χρήση του κατάλληλου κλειδιού.

Date of registration of terms and conditions of use: 20-10-2014

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